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A collection of angel oracle cards by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. For more information or to purchase, click on the images below.

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Archangels: Who to call upon

The archangels are powerful mission specialists who can help you with all aspects of your life.

How to Connect Closely with Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Others for Healing, Protection, and Guidance
Archangels 101

ADD/ADHD: Metatron
: Jeremiel
Animal Healing:
Ariel, Raphael
Jophiel, Gabriel
Change (Rapid!):
: Gabriel, Metatron
: Gabriel
Compassion: Zadkiel
: Raguel
: Azrael
: Michael
: Gabriel
Crossing Over / Dying:
: Jophiel
: Azrael
Divine Guidance:
Environment/ Nature:
Esoteric Knowledge:
Family Issues
: Raguel
: Raguel
: Zadkiel, Jeremiel
: Azrael
Home Healing/Clearing:
Michael, Raphael, Jophiel

Job Search: Chamuel
Life Purpose
: Nathaniel, Michael
Life Review
: Jeremiel
Lost Items
: Chamuel
Chamuel, Raguel
: Zadkiel
: Sandalphon
: Metatron
: Gabriel
Passion: Nathaniel
Past Life/Karma Healing:
Raziel, Raphael
: Haniel
Raguel, Chamuel
: Sandalphon
Problem Solving
: Uriel
: Michael, Ariel
Spirit Clearing:
Michael, Raphael
Spiritual Gifts
: Haniel
Tests and Studying
: Uriel
: Raphael
: Uriel
: Gabriel, Uriel

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Angel Readings: Voice of the Angels

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How to Communicate with Angels

How to clearly receive messages from your angels and guides
How to Hear Your Angels

Step 1. Invoke
Ask for the angels' help. Say the following aloud:

- Archangel Michael please clear the energy, vacuum away the negativity, and protect me.
- Archangel Raphael
please heal and balance my energy field, and remove all blockages.
- Archangel Jophiel
please beautify my thoughts and surroundings, and keep me heart-centered.

Step 2. Relax
Employ whatever relaxation technique works best for you (i.e. yoga breathing, meditation and QiGong).

Step 3. Tune In
Use positive affirmations to make the connection. (i.e. My higher self possesses the wisdom that I seek, and my body is the most accurate divination tool.)

Step 4. Focus
Trust your extrasensory perception.

- Clairsentience: feelings, hunches, emotions
- Claircognizance
: thoughts, ideas, inspiration
- Clairvoyance
: sights, visions, dreams/daydreams
- Clairaudience
: sounds, words, music, inner dialogue

Step 5. Interpret
Use divinatory aids to help interpret messages from the angels.

- Angel Cards: Work via the Law of Attraction (energy vibration)
- Crystals: Empathically mirror your emotions

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Angel Clearing and Protection

A handbook for working with angels
Angel Therapy Handbook

How to Hear Your Angels >To invoke the healing and protective powers of the angelic realm, say the following aloud:

Archangel Michael please vacuum away fear and negativity from my energy field, home, family, pets, surroundings (the land beneath me, the sky above, and all around me) as well as from my vehicle, my place of employment and my ____(anywhere else you spend a lot of time). Please cut my cords of fear in all directions of time and remove all negative attachments. If there are any unwelcome, unwanted or unloving entities around me and my family, please remove them; and, if it’s in their highest interest, please escort these entities Home to the Light. Wrap me, my family and my home in your protective blue cloak, and watch over us at all times.

Archangel Raphael please heal me and my loved ones in all directions of time, and please strengthen my auric field.

Archangel Metatron please clear, align and balance my chakra system.

Archangel Jophiel please beautify my thoughts, and help me to stay heart-centered.

God/Goddess/Creator please fill my space and auric field with Divine White Light and help me to raise my vibration so that I resonate only with Love and Light.

I have now released all fear and to remove all blockages so that I may live in peace and love. My home is safe. My loved ones are safe. I am SAFE. I am surrounded by love. I am filled with love. I am LOVE! Thank you all! I love you.

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Angel Stories

Past Life Healing with the Angels

By: Kim Hutchinson  / Kim was asked to contribute the following to a book on Healing with Angels, by Jenny Smedley.

Heal your life with help from the angels
Angelic Healing

By: Kim Hutchinson

I’ve always had a strong desire to help people, coupled with an affinity for the spiritual. I guess you could say that healing with angels was a natural outcome. The angels initially came to me following an impassioned conversation with God during which I asked for the ability to help heal the world. Several angels appeared and told me that they had been with me throughout my life. They explained that they had been conversing telepathically with me since I was a child. Along with my clairaudience, they helped me to embrace and develop my other extrasensory gifts, including my healing capacity. They also guided me to Earthly teachers and helped with practical matters such as starting my healing business. Given how much help I’ve received from the angelic realm, I think it’s safe to conclude that Angel Therapy® is a key part of my life purpose.

I began my healing path by giving angel readings. I had studied Reiki and other forms of energy healing, but I didn’t fully resonate with them. My intuitive gifts, however, were enhanced and clarified by these healing modalities. That allowed me to act as a channel for the angelic realm. Over the course of several years, I ‘downloaded’ a fair bit of past life information during my readings. Past lives had always fascinated me, and my interest in them is what led to the karmic healing. People who were interested in past lives gravitated to me, thanks to the Law of Attraction. Many clients would ask if I offered past life regressions. Naively, I began to practice regressions on my husband and friends, only to discover the process had the potential to cause great harm in untrained hands. There’s a risk in getting stuck in past life trauma if you don’t know what you’re doing. I immediately stopped the regressions, and yet the requests for help with karmic healing continued to pour in. I didn’t know how to help people.

Naturally, my angelic friends came to the rescue again. They told me about their karmic healing technique which they simply call Past Life Healing. They explained that the potential dangers inherent in regressions could be minimized, or even eliminated, by healing the person first before providing them with past life details. They also recommended that I act as a witness for patients in lieu of them re-experiencing their prior trauma. Both of these techniques serve as necessary buffers, and they allow the patient to release their karma in the present instead of getting stuck in the past.

Every healing I do with the angels is unique. The angels customize each treatment to suit the individual. Despite variances, the healings share several commonalities. For starters, they are all distance healings, meaning I perform them remotely. I let the recipient know ahead of time how to prepare. I then ask the person to send me the issues she wishes to release along with a recent photograph, preferably one showing her eyes, the gateway to the soul. At a mutually agreeable time I begin the healing process by inviting Archangels Raphael, Michael and Raziel, and the other angels of healing, along with the recipient’s guardian angels and higher selves, to facilitate the healing. I also check with the recipient’s soul to ensure that the healing is in her highest interest. If so, I set the intention to be a crystal clear channel for the Divine, and then I go into a deep meditative state. On the spirit plane, I meet with the angels and the person’s soul. The process is similar to lucid dreaming.

To begin, the angels may perform an initial healing depending on the patient’s needs. Typically, they take people to a healing facility in their realm such as the Crystal Palace, or to a natural environment like a waterfall. Water, crystals, music, energy and love are frequently employed in the healing process. I also assist with the healing by utilizing my intuition along with my training in energetic and angelic therapy.

Once the patient’s energy is clear, Archangel Raziel enables the karmic healing by helping us move through past timelines…or so it appears. In actuality, everything happens in the present. I may visualize us moving through a tunnel, over a bridge, or spinning in a vortex of Archangel Michael’s creation. As we enter each of the past lives, the setting will be momentarily obscured by fog. The mist then dissipates and a scene plays out featuring the patient in a previous incarnation. I observe every detail as closely as possible so that I can share these with the patient after the healing. In a typical session, the angels will take us to approximately six past lives although there have been as few as three and as many as a dozen. Some past life scenarios are happy and some are rather gloomy. The past lives that we visit are specific to the issues that the patient wishes to heal. The angels, in their immense wisdom, know exactly which past lives we should visit, and they are adept at balancing the painful memories with joyful recollections. At the end of each painful visit, the angels will heal whatever issues arise. For the positive incarnations, they energetically transmit the happy energy to the patient. In both scenarios, there is always information to be gleaned. Perhaps there is a past life connection with a person or place. Maybe the person has a skill that could be utilized in their present life. Whatever needs to be recalled is given to me to pass on to the patient.

After the past lives have been explored, we return to the present timeline. The patient’s well-being is reassessed, and if necessary, she receives another healing. At this point, I emerge from my dream state. Before I forget any details, I immediately make a recording of all my observations. The information I receive is generally detailed and specific. Interestingly, I notice as I am relaying the information, how neatly and perfectly the past life experiences address the client’s concerns. I then email this digital file to the client so she can listen to it after she receives the healing energy from the angels.

The angels are so adept at moulding the healings to each person’s unique needs that it is difficult to anticipate what the recipient might experience. Overall though, the healing experience tends to be a relaxing one. The client may feel energy moving around or through their body. They may also sense heat, chills, colour, light, geometric forms, dreams and other visualizations, sounds, memories, tastes and smells. Then again, they may sense absolutely nothing. No matter what happens, the healing works.

I am positively affected by every healing. Whenever I work with the angels, I too am healed. Afterward, I feel lighter, happier and healthier. There’s an abundance of gratitude at the end of every healing, both on the patient’s and my behalf. It’s a great privilege to be a part of the healing process. Helping others heal is also deeply rewarding.


Angels of the Sea

Exploring the Magical Underwater World of the Merpeople
Mermaids 101

By: Kim Hutchinson / Submitted to Doreen Virtue for possible inclusion in her book.

Some of my earliest childhood memories involve mermaids. When adults asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I mainly answered, “A mermaid!”, although sometimes I would change it up by saying, “A siren”. I loved being in the water, so much so my family likened me to a fish. As a kid I would spend hours in the ocean or sitting at the bottom of a pool. I truly believed I could breathe underwater and communicate with whales and dolphins. I found such peace being immersed in water. Being a mermaid was as real a goal to me as any other. That is why I crushed to discover that humans didn’t actually believe in merpeople. The mermaid, like the unicorn and other magical beings, was relegated to the domain of fairy tales. My connection with the mystical mer realm diminished with time until I had all but forgotten my ‘childish’ whim.

Many years later, I was visited by angels, and they directed me to Doreen Virtue's Angel Therapy online show. I quickly discovered, to my utter delight, that Doreen was a fellow mermaid at heart. At this time, old memories began to surface of previous incarnations as a mermaid, most notably in Atlantis. I went on to become an Angel Therapy Practitioner®, and now I work with angels of all realms, including the beautiful sea angels called mermaids. I was thrilled to discover than my mermaid career goal was indeed realistic. That is why I happily share my mermaid story with my clients as a way of demonstrating to them that magic is real, and that our childhood memories, no matter how improbable, hold the key to our life’s purpose.


Archangel Ariel Helped Create Our Healing Centre

By Your Side
Canadian Angels

By: Kim Hutchinson / This is the first story in Karen Forrest's book.

Archangel Arial was instrumental in helping us establish our healing centre. When it looked as though we wouldn't get the necessary development permit, Kim called on the angels for help. Suddenly, floating above the head of the town planning officer, appeared Archangel Ariel in all her splendour. The planning officer suddenly switched gears; he went from arguing against our proposed healing centre to arguing in favour of it.

Lesson: Don't be afraid to call on Ariel for help with your own holistic, spiritual or artist ventures.


Archangel Raphael Helps Overcome Fear of Dentists

By: Kim Hutchinson /  This story appears in Doreen Virtue's book Archangels 101 on p.p. 32-34.

Healing Miracles
Archangel Raphael

Two weeks ago, I visited my dentist for my semi-annual cleaning. I wasn’t looking forward to this appointment given that my past few check-ups left me near tears. I am fortunate to have been blessed with beautiful teeth, but my gums have started to recede in recent years. As a result of exposed roots, I experience a lot of pain during cleanings. On top of that, my diligent brushing and flossing seemingly have had no effect on stemming the onset of peritonitis. To add insult to injury, my flossing habits are always called into question by hygienists. Having to repetitively prove that I floss after every meal, and then demonstrate that I floss correctly, is frustrating. So, as the appointment date approached, my anxiety level rose, and I started feeling ill. I seriously considered cancelling the appointment, changing dentists, or just not going to the dentist ever again; instead, I chose to call on Archangel Raphael, the healing angel, for help. I asked for a pain-free cleaning; a sympathetic hygienist, one who would actually believe me when I told her I flossed; and most importantly healthy gums and teeth. I really felt these wishes were pie-in-the-sky dreams, but I thought, “What have I got to lose?”

The date of the appointment arrived, and I set off with trepidation. I was told when the receptionist called to remind me of my appointment that they had relocated to a new building. As I entered their new locale, I was struck by the beautiful décor. The staff was very upbeat and the energy felt much better. I kept praying silently to Raphael to help with the appointment, and I could feel his presence and see his green energy nearby. Then, a hygienist, whom I had never met, entered the lobby, and I thought, “She looks so kind. Please Raphael, let her be my hygienist.” Sure enough, she called my name. I felt hopeful as I followed her down the corridor to her new office. She was soft-spoken and had a gentle, soothing manner that I found reassuring. It was only when she started to clean my teeth that I felt my anxiety return. I braced for the pain….and braced some more…but no pain was forthcoming. Eventually I allowed myself to relax. After she polished and flossed my teeth, the hygienist asked me about my flossing habits. Certain that she was going to question my credibility, I tensed again; instead, she complimented me on my flossing and brushing routine, and told me my gums were looking much healthier than my chart indicated. I was elated! For the first time in four years, I received a ‘passing grade’ at the dentist’s office. I felt the presence of angels, and heard them whisper to me that my hygienist was an Earth Angel. I asked her if I could request her in the future, and she said yes. I knew in that instant my dental woes were over! Archangel Raphael had fixed my gums and alleviated my growing phobia of dental care. Thank you, Archangel Raphael!

Lesson: Ask Raphael to heal you of all your emotional, mental and physical ailments.

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Earth Angel / Lightworker Quiz

Incarnated Angels, Elementals, Wizards, and Other Lightworkers
Realms of the Earth Angels

This quiz may help you identify your soul's origins and purpose on Earth.

Earth angels and lightworkers are beings of love and light. They are on a mission to heal, love, guide, protect and nurture Earth's inhabitants.

All earth angels are lightworkers, meaning they work with the light. Not all lightworkers are earth angels, however. An earth angel is a specific kind of lightworker.

There are several key realms of earth angel: incarnated angel, incarnated elemental, starperson and wise one. Other realms exist, but are not listed below. For more information about earth angels, check out Realms of the Earth Angels by Doreen Virtue.

If you take the following quiz and do not find your realm listed below, then you may not be an earth angel, or perhaps your realm is simply not included.

To learn more about your life purpose and soul origins, try a distance Multi-Dimensional Healing and Guidance session with Kim. This will give you specific information on your soul's origins, your purpose and mission, and more.


Incarnated Angel

  • Do you have a heart-shaped face and innocent doe-like eyes? Do you lighten your hair?

  • Are you overweight or do you have overeating issues?

  • Are you loving, open, trusting and innocent at heart?

  • Do you love angels, and collect angel art or figurines?

  • Do you enjoy following the rules?

  • Do you love helping people?

  • Do you have a hard time establishing boundaries and saying no?

  • Do you try to rescue people, and end up in co-dependent relationships?

  • Do you suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

  • Do you apologize frequently, even if you haven’t done anything wrong?

  • Are you a healer, counsellor, or teacher?

If you answered 'yes' to the majority of these questions, you are an incarnated angel. Your life's purpose is to love and heal others, and to show them how to love themselves.

Incarnated Elemental

  • Do you have Celtic origins or appearance? Do you have red in your hair and green in your eyes?

  • Do you resemble an elf, pixie, fairy, or other member of the elemental realm?

  • Are you a fun-loving, impish jokester?

  • Do you love to party and socialize?

  • Do you have a fiery temperament?

  • Are you fiercely independent?

  • Do you rebel against the rules?

  • Do you feel depressed when you can’t spend time in nature?

  • Does the abuse of Mother Earth enrage you?

  • Do you prefer the company of animals to humans?

  • Do you have an addictive personality?

  • Are you a musician, or other form of entertainer?

  • Do you dream of being a forest ranger or some other job that allows you to spend time in nature?

If you answered 'yes' to the majority of these questions, you are an incarnated elemental. Your life's purpose is to heal and protect Mother Earth, animals, plants and nature.


  • Do you have an otherworldly appearance? Are you tall and willowy, or short and round?

  • Do you have unusual eyes, whether in shape or colour?

  • Are you compulsively kind, thoughtful and helpful even though you appear somewhat aloof?

  • Are you a wallflower by choice, preferring to stay in the background and not be noticed?

  • Are you more mission-oriented rather than relationship focused?

  • Do you dislike crowds?

  • Does violence make you feel ill?

  • Do you feel like you don’t belong, or fit in here? Are you homesick?

  • Do you love codes, symbolism, and sacred geometry?

  • Do have a passion for energy healing?

  • Have you always been interested in space, UFO’s, and ETs? Are you a Trekkie?

  • Are you technologically savvy?

  • Are you a Reiki Master?

If you answered 'yes' to the majority of these questions, you are a starperson. Your life's purpose is to teach humanity how to co-exist peacefully and how to ascend into a heart-based dimension.

Wise One

  • Do you resemble a romance novel character?

  • Do you have long hair? Is it prematurely grey?

  • Do you have wise and somewhat haunted-looking eyes?

  • Do you enjoy attending renaissance fairs or other medieval celebrations?

  • Do you have an intense personality?

  • Do you possess a wealth of knowledge? Are you a natural teacher?

  • Do you have a strong aversion to the Inquisition and the subject of witch burnings?

  • Do you prefer Earth-based spirituality such as Wicca and Shamanism?

  • Do you tend to cloak your light?

  • Are you fascinated with astrology?

  • Are you a master manifestor?

  • Are you strongly affected by the cycles of Moon?

  • Do you suffer from cardiovascular issues?*

  • Are you self-employed?

  • Do you work with crystals, tarot cards, or herbs?

*Many veteran lightworkers (a.k.a. Wise Ones) experienced lifetimes of persecution. They suffered for their spirituality, and that angst has mostly been carried in their heart chakra region. That's because the heart is the domain of interpersonal relationships. Old souls like Wise Ones seldom felt loved, understood, wanted, and safe. As that old trauma surfaces, it created blockages in the heart region, hence the cardiovascular issues. Good news is, these can be released and fully healed.

If you answered 'yes' to the majority of these questions, you are a wise one. Your life's purpose is to teach about spirituality and to impart the wisdom of the ages.


The Lightworker's Way

Life Purpose:

  • Are you intrinsically motivated to help others?

  • Do you feel that you are here to serve a higher purpose?

  • Do you feel you have an important life purpose, and that you are running out of time to fulfil your destiny?

  • Do you have a strong desire to spread light (positivity, love, healing, spirituality)?

  • Do you feel compelled to overcome fear with love?

  • Are you drawn to helping Earth and her inhabitants with their spiritual evolution?


  • Are you highly sensitive, emotional, kind-hearted and empathetic?

  • Have you always felt like an outcast: lonely and misunderstood?

  • Do you find it hard to adapt to societal expectations (i.e. traditional career or home life)?

  • Are you on a path of self-healing and self-exploration?

  • Do you have a profound respect for all life?

  • Are you drawn to a broader, less defined spirituality rather than a particular religion?

  • Do you endeavour to be inclusive (i.e. tolerant of others' beliefs)?

  • Have you had mystical experiences (i.e. prophetic dreams)?

If you answered 'yes' to the majority of these questions, you are a Lightworker. Your life's purpose is to bring more light (spiritual consciousness) and love into the world by raising the vibratory rate of our planet to a higher dimension.


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Divine Guidance Oracle Card Reading

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